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  1. blue spruce

    Thinking about getting boat back out

    I'm thinking the same thing
  2. blue spruce

    First trip 2016

    Hopefully you didn't fog and just sprayed oil through the spark plugs holes? Fogging is for 2-strokes through the intake while engine running, no valves to hydrolock. 4-strokes just need lube applied to cyl's through the spark plugs holes. Start with replacing plugs, check your fuel/air vent.
  3. blue spruce


    Your Wilker looks familiar, I believe I've slept on that boat a few hungover opening days.
  4. blue spruce


    I bought a 999 SI in the fall, tied it out for short time works awesome, I wish I would of bought it sooner. The SI doesn't work at wide open throttle but a slower speeds it should save allot of time finding structure.
  5. blue spruce

    Motor troubles

    Check the plugs and if they are fouled do a leak down on it.
  6. blue spruce

    Humminbird 999CI HD SI

    Thanks fish4fun. Found a LeBarons down the road from where I work picked up the 999 SI. Once I learn the SI it should save lots of time finding structure and put more fish in the boat.
  7. blue spruce

    Humminbird 999CI HD SI

    Does anybody use side image? It should save allot of time when I can see whats under me and to the side of the boat. Sail in Burlington has a sale on for $1199 for the side image or 859 CI HD (no side image) for $549. The 360 transducer for the 859 is over $1200 so that's out of the question but...
  8. blue spruce

    who's stoked

    3 days 16 hrs
  9. blue spruce

    Kicker size??

    If you go with a Yamaha 9.9 you have more options like e-start, power tilt, longer shafts, more propping options.
  10. blue spruce

    ice/water conditions

    Watch out for the bacon.
  11. blue spruce


    and its getting deeper
  12. blue spruce

    Anybody turkey hunting?

    No turkeys Friday but had a 8point buck walk up to me about 20 feet away, turned to my left and nice doe less than 15 feet away. She just stared and finally walked away after 4-5 min.
  13. blue spruce

    Anybody turkey hunting?

    I was out last Saturday but no luck, going to try again Friday.
  14. blue spruce

    looking for a boat

    I bought this Sylvan Pro Troller, it's 1-2 feet smaller than your looking but it's got a 81" beam. Tiller with a Yamaha 40hp and it works good.Sylvan, Starcraft and Smokercraft are all owned by the same company and they all market the same boat. Lund is owned by Mercury so if you want a Yamaha...
  15. image.jpg


  16. blue spruce

    Fall Salmon in the Inner Bay

    Trolled from the inner bay up the creek this morning not 1 bite, might be too early yet, wait for a good rain.
  17. blue spruce

    Fall Salmon in the Inner Bay

    Sounds like I have nothing to loose so this weekend I'll give it a try. Thanks
  18. blue spruce

    Fall Salmon in the Inner Bay

    Big Creek has salmon so they must come through the Inner Bay to get to the creek so has anybody ever trolled the Inner Bay for Salmon? Thanks
  19. blue spruce

    Site Outage...

    I thought my employer had blocked the site.
  20. blue spruce

    weekend wind

    Environment Canada is saying light winds but not saying from which direction.
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