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  1. springerhill

    Port Burwell Marina’s New Slogan???

    The “attendant” at port burwell marina gave me an awesome send off at 6 am this morning. “If you don’t like it, go somewhere else. Ya fucking retard!” Really makes you want to do more business with this company. Guess I shouldn’t have said I have 2 boats and a season pass and that’s why I carry...
  2. springerhill

    Looking for...

    Hi I am looking for a couple good used reels with line counters. Either a Rapala hydros 45 or an Okuma convector CV45D. Thanks!
  3. springerhill

    Looking for...

    Is there any canvas shops open and recommended? I’m looking to have a new bow cover made and a small repair on map cover. Thanks!
  4. springerhill

    Last minute open seat

    I know it's last minute but thought I'd offer.... I'm going to be at port Burwell marina at 7:30am to head out for pickerel I'm going out by myself so if someone wants to come along, your more than welcome to join me. I will check this post in morning before I leave to see if anyone responded...
  5. springerhill

    ISO- Zodiac

    Hello, I'm looking for a 8-12 foot zodiac. Ideal would be 10' but 8-12 would be ok With or without motor. Thanks
  6. springerhill

    Ethanol free gas

    Does anyone know what gas stations close to long point are ethanol free?
  7. springerhill

    please delete

    Hello, I recently purchased a new to me boat and would like to get all new decals,names and pin stripping redone on it. Does anyone have a good experience with a company or person in this line of work. Any recommendations are appreciated. Also, any heads up on bad experiences is also...
  8. springerhill

    Only boat on the water

    Headed out Monday night at 6:00 pm out of Burwell. We had the only truck in the parking lot, and never saw another boat all evening. Thought it strange, but anyways, went straight out of port started trolling at 38fow, lost one at the boat at about 52' then lost something heavy at about 54'...
  9. springerhill

    Gas at port

    Has anyone purchased gas at either place in Burwell? Just looking for info on price,octane,ethanol,experience. Thanks
  10. springerhill

    kids limits?

    i tried looking up this info online and in the fishing regulations ook but can't seem to locate the info? does anyone know what the regulations are for kids limits? specifically for perch in lake erie. also wanting to know what the cost is for kids on big daves perch charter. i tried taking my...
  11. springerhill

    kicker size???

    hi, im looking at maybe getting a kicker motor for my 18 foot starcraft aluminum boat. i have used the yamaha 90 on it for trolling and can go as slow as 1.8 mph on the gps with no problems. last year i had to get towed back in due to fuel pump failure and i'm looking to do whatever i can to not...
  12. springerhill

    tow in :(

    well i had my first experience with getting towed in! first off i would like to thank the 2 fine gentlemen that stopped to tow us in. although they wouldn't take any money we managed to get them to take a nice size pickeral as thanks. we were along way from port. fished all day out of burwell...
  13. springerhill

    wed. forecast

    hi, as far as i can see from the marine forecast and from thw weather network, i think its going to be a calm enough morning to make the trek out to hastings from burwell wed. morning. if anyone knows differently could you speak up... im going to be heading over by myself. im only in an 18...
  14. springerhill

    PT. burwell minnows

    hi im looking to head to hastings someday this week if erie calms down wanting to get there as early in the morning as possible so im wondering where i can get minnows in pt.burwell at around 4:30-5:00am? thanks for any info! springerhill
  15. springerhill


    hi, my deep-cycle battery crapped out recently and was wondering what others use for a deep-cycle battery. are the AGM batteries worth double the expense of normal batteries, also does anyone use automotive style batteries instead of marine batteries? the warranty is only half on a marine...
  16. springerhill

    sat sept 10

    we headed out of burwell at about 3 pm, went a little to the west out to 60 FOW. was real slow for a couple hours then we started getting some bows on blue and silver. then we got some picks on 7-up as the sun was going down. ended up with 3 bows and 3 picks, one pick on the #0 dipsy on 3 with...
  17. springerhill

    monday sept 5

    headed SE out of burwell until we got to the 2 white markers, about 13 miles or so, set-up and headed almost due south trying to keep the wind and waves at our backs, went a couple miles south to another marker, then went a couple more miles out, got into 69-70 FOW, we got 4 picks on riggers,1...
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