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  1. tailfeathers

    Perchin November 21

    We all ended up with about 3.5 lbs of filets
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  3. tailfeathers

    Perchin November 21

    Hit the water out of Akers yesterday at 9.50 with 4 people fishing and 3 scoops of their finest emeralds. Set up straight out near a few other boats! Nothing for 45 minutes let's move. Moved away from the pack 7.5 ft of water and fish on. Had a dozen by 11.20 when the rest of their friends...
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  8. tailfeathers

    Unusual Short Hunt

    Ya know the old saying! Even a blind squirrel finds the occasional nut! Congratulations nice trophy with a bow. You will have to start hunting with a spear lol.
  9. tailfeathers

    Annual Father-Daughter Fall Bear Hunt

    Awesome Maddy you have a great mentor with your dad beside you. Memories made to cherish a lifetime. Kids playing video games never get the rush of real life. One day soon I can see you taking a friend and doing a stellar job mentoring a new hunter.
  10. tailfeathers

    Wanted Tracks

    I have 1 track 24inches long what's it worth?
  11. tailfeathers

    October fishing suggestions?

    Oh the silence of it all lol!
  12. tailfeathers

    Live report Port Burwell today August 25

    Out this am with Trevor M and the pier plinking buddies. 2.5 to 3 foot waves 4 Walters and 1 bow 46 to 54 ft..
  13. tailfeathers

    Fishing Report Burwell today she be rough.

    Today we ventured out on what was to be a maximum. 5 of a metre. More like 2 meters. Fishing was better. Finished with a respectable 17 walleye one trout and two perch. We ran 2 number 1 dipsys on 3 setting back 150 4 leadcore 6 color with husky jerks 2 riggers 50 ft down 58 to 61 ft no real...
  14. tailfeathers

    Took a charter out of Burwell Aug 17

    I Only do that with really large fish.
  15. tailfeathers

    Port Burwell walleye revenge.

    Headed out on a very bumpy lake at 3pm today Set up started around 43 ft put out 2 rods in 6 color leadcore on each side on in line planers. First fish in the boat at 45 ft. Steve 1990 a forum member told the walleye he would end it quickly by slitting his throat. Second walleye on a 6 color...
  16. tailfeathers

    Port Burwell Saturday night

    6, 7 and 8 color with purple chicken wing and nascar mini streak spoons and moonshine rv wild perch where the hot colors. 2 black dipsys back 150 where the hottest with half the fish. 57 ft was the ticket.
  17. tailfeathers

    Port Burwell dance lessons.

    My crew today was one of the best charters ever! After showing a couple of the ladies how to run the leadcore on the planer boards it was game on . From feeding out the lines hooking the clips and landing the fish these girls did it all well. We finished with 25 walleye and had a blast. We ran...
  18. tailfeathers

    More missing eyes in Burwell

    Today's group where not as good finessing the walleye as yesterday's hf ladies group. We still finished with a respectable 22 walleye a 24 inch rainbow and a couple silvers. 4 and 5 cores early then had to break out the 6 color lead. Dipsys back 70 on a 3 setting 40 to 60 ft they're all over.
  19. tailfeathers

    Fishing Report Burwell July 23/20

    Eeveryone is out of stock that I have checked. Maybe check angling outfitters .
  20. tailfeathers

    Port Burwell is missing 33

    Bob these people are country folk of the horse drawn persuasion. Not one is over 150 lbs but they love to fish and they're good at it once you show them how stuff works . I tried to show them the walleye landing on the outside of the net but they took my net away lol.
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