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    Off Topic-Corona virus discussion, Tim's over 55 daily morning perv club results?

    Even #6 mentions you gain immunity after being infected.....I’ve read of some ppl having recovered and then got reinfected, so 6 is false if whet I’ve read is true, this isn’t like chicken pox!
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    Trolling on Lower Niagara River?

    You WONT be going UPRIVER rigging EVER that I can guarantee. Out in the middle of the river under the bridge there are spots shallow enough that I have seen rocks within inches of the surface. Also there is only so far up River you can legally go. And it’s not deep all the way up like you seem...
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    musky in Erie
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    Brawl winner

    They get bad algae blooms. I don’t think they fish much when it happens ? So we may get more days here ?
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    2019 LPBAA and Erie Bassmasters Classic Pike Tournament

    Was the tourney postponed from weather? I can’t remember if sat was bad winds? If not.What were the weigh in results?
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    Anyone getting Musky on Erie?
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    Anyone getting Musky on Erie?

    I recently read an article posted on the Detroit river page. Musky tracking. One fish was tracked swimming from LSC all the way to Niagara then back I recall correctly. If I can track down that article I’ll post it here.
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    Off Topic Cops swarm in Londontown Core

    You think that’s interesting? Should have seen the action I got to view in Brantford on Thursday. Seen Tactical force carrying assault rifles break door down get at least 5 guys out on the ground, tied up with zip ties. Probably another drug house, wish I’d see these busts more often. The city...
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    now thats funny

    Ok this is a funny boat ad.
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    Lowrance stabilizer?

    Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately that won’t work for me due to the flex of the crestliner dash plastic...only option is a stabilizer bar securing the unit to a non flexing part of the dash.
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    Lowrance stabilizer?

    I didn’t get a chance to go to the sports shows this winter. But last winter I seen a boat on display that had some kinda rod going from the bottom of the lowrance mount to the dash (which I’m sure was to stabilize it during rough rides?). The guy at the boat was super busy so I didn’t get the...
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    Fishing Report Detroit river walleye first time

    You didn’t fish deeper than 20’? I’m surprised. I kinda thought 30’ plus was the depth ppl usually had to fish. I got plans to go there around end of month. Hope the winds don’t mess up the water clarity. Mind if I ask what’s the Michigan website for licences ? I may have to get one ugh I too...
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    Off Topic What a rip

    I’ve order stuff from there too. And was very impressed how fast I got mine too. Great site.
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    Off Topic Air ride seats

    The barteries are under the dash on each side. But you gotta take seat out to have room to get in there.
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    Off Topic Abandoned Ice Hut

    Would be great karma if the person who left it there has their motor hit it during the beginning of boating season, and hit it hard enough to break the wood apart and no longer be a danger to other boaters motors.
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    Off Topic Air ride seats

    I have the 2014 1750 superhawk..and love it :)
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    Off Topic Air ride seats

    Thanks! I may have to get those ones. Appreciate your reply.
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    Off Topic Air ride seats

    I have a creatliner 1750 superhawk and was looking into some seats like smooth moves, but one of my trolling motor batteries is right below the dash, needing me to have to take the captain chair out to get under there with room and take out the battery/ put it in. The crestliner I have had...
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    Auto pilot ?

    After reading these replies it’s starting to seem that hummingbird is missing out on the auto pilot market that lowrance, Ray marine etc are selling to.
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