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  1. Dotcom

    Farm life and my social distance from the virus!!!

    Jim you are livin the dream...well done new life in the spring of the year.
  2. Dotcom

    Off Topic When/How to introduce little ones

    My hats off to everyone of you Dad' are all correct start early, make it interesting, pack snacks if it is slow and get ready when the pan fish hit cause your going to be a worm baiting machine for a bit. Question here is how to get other Dad's and Mom's interested that maybe don't fish...
  3. Dotcom

    A fantastic time again @ the LPBAA/Erie Bassmasters Fall Pike Classic!! 🎣👍🙂

    So glad you came out to see our tournament...hope to see you again...we have front row seating too just let us know in advance...we will save you a seat...cheers.
  4. Dotcom

    2019 LPBAA/Erie Bassmasters Fall Pike Classic Results

    2019 LPBAA/Erie Bassmasters Fall Pike Classic Update: Man what a difference a week made in the weather we were certainly fortunate for a great day for the Classic and even more fortunate to have 18 teams come out to compete in this tournament. Thank you all and congrats to all of the winners...
  5. Dotcom

    2019 LPBAA & Erie Bassmaster Pike Classic - Update

    I hope all teams tomorrow have fun and come back with some record pike for the live release boat...see you all at sleeping in!
  6. Dotcom

    2019 LPBAA & Erie Bassmaster Pike Classic - Update

    LPBAA & Erie Bassmasters Pike Classic - Update...been monitoring conditions all week and it looks like we got the break that we wanted and Saturday's Pike Tournament is a go. Reminder, registration starts at 6:45am at The Old Cut Marina office on the north side of Rogers Ave, while weigh in will...
  7. Dotcom

    2019 LPBAA & Erie Bassmasters Pike Tournament - Update

    Morning all, Unfortunately after monitoring the weather forecasts all week and again this morning, they all point in the same direction, nasty winds and gusts along with near 100% rain forecast through out most of our pike tournament hours. So with that both clubs have decided to fall back to...
  8. Dotcom

    LPBAA and Erie Bass Masters Pike Classic

    @Three Bouys winds don't see to want to co-operate for Sat. We may have to use the weather date. @spilliard1 and I have been texting and we will monitor a bit more...stay tuned and keep checking Dotcom.
  9. Dotcom

    LPBAA and Erie Bass Masters Pike Classic

    Hi All, If the weather permits we will have the LPBAA Erie Bass Master 2019 Pike Tournament on Saturday Oct day is the next Saturday on the 19th …stay tuned for updates this week...I want to see everyone out on the 12 cause we have a great weigh in program is the...
  10. Dotcom

    Fishing Report Walleye - Piggott's Post - Friday, Sept 20th

    A fitting tribute all you would need is a glass of rum to raise and toast!
  11. Dotcom

    2019 LPBAA and Erie Bassmasters Classic Pike Tournament

    Yes folks we are at it again...@spilliard1 has been up to his tricks and we are now kinda changing up the 2019 LPBAA/Erie Bassmasters Long Point Bay Pike Classic. Last year we introduced the Stomps Participation plague, and if Stomp is in agreement we will have it for 2019 too. What a prestige...
  12. Dotcom

    RIP Canvasback

    Stomp, what a fitting tribute...I tip my hat to seem to have the history and thanks to you it has not been lost. John attended most of our LPBAA Pike Tournaments and he always asked if he could place his fold able chair in front of the weigh in station for each event... Of course John...
  13. Dotcom

    2019 Big Bass Derby Winners

    he adult Big Bass Derby Winners and their winning weights in both SM and LM. congratulation to all the winners and to everyone that bought a ticket and supported our event. Also to our many vendors far an wide without them this derby would not work.
  14. Dotcom

    Fishing Report SM Bass - Inner Long Point Bay - Saturday, Jun 22nd

    Arnold, even the best guides have a challenges now and again. :) It means you have to come back and get your revenge. :)
  15. Dotcom

    Bass opener

    @bassaholic just a thought, your boat will float before your truck...pretty sure of that fact. :)
  16. Dotcom

    June 22nd 2019 Opening Day

    First let me dispel any rumour that Long Point is shut down. I Have fielded so many call's from folks wondering if its closed and as a resident I truthfully tell you its not. The PP is closed at present, but all businesses and ramps are open and ready to service. My advice? Buy your Big Bass...
  17. Dotcom

    One week to Bassmas Eve.

    Well one more week to Bassmas Eve...can you feel the excitement, does it tell you to go and buy your Big Bass Derby ticket this weekend? If not get off you butt and get one, you know you want one and a chance for some awesome can you say no to a cool grand in cash...that's $1000.00...
  18. Dotcom

    Fishing Report Timber Wolf June 12

    Sounds like your having a blast TB, nice wally by the way I'm jealous. Not sure of "moonshine" but neuffie screech is what you have to watch out will make you into a super human in a hurry...not good at my age :)
  19. Dotcom

    Off Topic Final day before guests arrive

    TB, what flight does the deet shipment come in? You probably packed you own. :)
  20. Dotcom

    Provincial Park boat ramp

    The park is closed.
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