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    Aug 19 evening burwell

    2 limits of eyes 1 bow 1 1/2 hours of fishing 64 ft of water downriggers and dipseys
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    How much longer are the pics here for??

    if the wind don't screw you sept. is the best month for catching walleye.
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    Perchin' w/ Big Dave, July 29

    Roland - one needs to exercise professional discretion in certain situations. This is one of them.... It's 5 perch. So what your saying is any boat that comes in with 5 perch over there limit is ok and should be ignored if they have a child on board.
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    Perchin' w/ Big Dave, July 29

    it is to bad that he got charged for a miscount but once the co counted the fish and seen the mistake he had little choice but to charge them remember that is his job and what he gets paid for. Also as for commercial fishery I am not really a big fan of theres but people that can't aford a boat...
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    boat repair

    no one uses marine plywood I replaced the transom in my boat 2 years ago and proctor marine told me that ordinary plywood will last about 15 years so no one uses marine plywood
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    Sat. Sept 10 Port Burwell

    was pretty slow today but the lake was nice, I ended up with 4 eyes and 1 bow 57 to 59 ft. of water east of burwell
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    Pt Burwell Aug 31/11

    lake was pretty good in the evening on the 31 st. left dock at 5:30 quit at about 8:15 ended with 5 eyes and 2 bows.
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    End Of Season?

    september can be a very good month if we don't get to much wind drop me a line has even got walleye on thanks given weekend.
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    Burwell Aug 13th

    good looking fish saturday was a good day for bows I never got any eyes but got 5 bows 1 was 10 lbs and the bigest was between 12 and 13 lbs. it was 31 inches long lost at lest 8 more bows
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    Monday Morning at Port Glasgow

    I put my prob out on sunday at burwell in 58 ft. of water and at 50 down I had a temp. reading of 73 degrees and at 40 ft I was 74 like you.
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    Burwell July 31

    courtlund I was out friday night from 6;15 to 9;00 fished from 56 ft to 59 ft of water out of burwell got 7 eyes 1 bow dipseys back 60 ft # 3 setting 5 colour leadcore and long A bomber back 150 ft. fish were high and closer to shore.
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