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    Bass Season opener

    Dammit! Now have to change my vacation time! Thanks for the heads up...... Side note..... Just got back from Turks and Caicos where my Uncle lives and caught my first Barracuda 15lbs and a Wahoo 13lbs... What a blast! I would like to post pics on here but it never let's me. Anyway just wanted to...
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    Bronte Madness

    Okay....... Went to Bronte today with a friend, first time there...... Never going back! Disgusting everywhere! Dead decaying fish with maggots everywhere every 10'. In all my years of fishing! I have never seen this or even knew.... The garbage was unbelievable! I really didn't think it was...
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    Bronte Madness

    Thanks for all this info guys. I have never fished salmon and its good to know the proper edicate. My forfathers and I have always been fisherman and have made a long standing tradition to respect the rules of the land and our great Country. AHHH The Fishin Life!
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    Perchin Inner Bay Oct 06.

    Went out today from the old Funny Farm as I always do with 2 scoops from Lake Erie Bait and Tackle. I usually go with my son but he was in school and my Moms wanted to go fishing. So we were out approx. 2 klms from shore in the mix with a few other boats. I drifted for a bit and once we started...
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    Bronte Madness

    What are you guys catching them with? never gone and would like to take my son he's 8 and would probably love it! AHHH The Fishin Life!
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    Canoeing Algonquin Park

    Thanks for the tips Jwalsh and Hipnotized! Last year at this time I went to Huron and got skunked after 4 days of a solid effort. So hoping to have some luck this time around, and if not, then atleast I will get to finally experience Algonquin and all its scenery! Thanks again, Adrian. AHHH...
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    Canoeing Algonquin Park

    I am embarking on my first canoe trip into the Algonquin interior and was just looking for tips on what to bring as far as lures, what kind of fish to expect, how deep to fish for them, any info would be greatly appreciated as I have never fished this area. We are going through Canoe lake, Tom...
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    W.T.B. 8 ft. VHF Antenna.

    Need a used or new 8 foot whip antenna to replace a broken antenna. Will take it with or without the base. Email me here or at with what you have. Thanks. Adrian.:D AHHH The Fishin Life!
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    Some perch eye candy

    Beernut....did you catch them right there off of bayfront park at the point? Never fish lake O but would like to give it a try with my boy before I dock it down in Erie.....thx Adrian. AHHH The Fishin Life!
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    How's the Ice Holding Up

    I havent been out since sunday and it was old cut. There was 8" of clear and 3 of white slush/snow. We have had one or 2 warm days with 1 or 2 cold days. But remember this report is out of old cut and 5 days old! Be safe out there folks! AHHH The Fishin Life!
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    Auger/Perch Fishing!

    No Wollfy I didnt have my GPS with me :( If the water had of been clear that day I would of been able to retrieve it. I usually bring it but because I was only about .8 of a km out I didnt. AHHH The Fishin Life!
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    Auger/Perch Fishing!

    Thanks, but no it was just a manual auger and I just bought it 2 weeks ago. Oh well lesson learned! AHHH The Fishin Life!
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    Auger/Perch Fishing!

    So I head down to Old Cut with Rotten Ronnies minnows and take Jimmy's ice taxi service out. All is great, I set up the hut while I let my 7 year old boy put together the ice auger. I drill two holes then as I break throught I see the bottom half fall off and naturally it sinks to the bottom...
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    Report for Feb 26 St. Willy`s

    Thanks for the report Walleye. Was wondering how Old Cut did today? Was out there on last Sunday and it was good, and thinking about heading down tomorrow with my boy again.... AHHH The Fishin Life!
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    Old Cut Fishing

    Thanks for the heads up Jimmy! Going to try to make it down there tomorrow. AHHH The Fishin Life!
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