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    Best duck boat

    She can hide real nice. .
  2. Jello

    Upgrade for my Minn Kota

    I just went through all of this researching. A bit mind boggling, and expansive. I picked up two Helix 7s with networking and plan to run them off one transducer at the back.
  3. Jello

    Pike jigs?

    @Wildfire I've contemplated tubes. I found some big tubes. Hoping the stores open soon so I can physically look at the tackle. @Duck Soup thanks for the info. Very useful! 👍🏼
  4. Jello

    Pike jigs?

    Anyone else bored and online tackle shopping? Lol. I'm looking around for some pike jigs (bucktails). Something on the big'ish side. For fishing the bar or inner bay. I found these Mustad jigs They get larger in over all size as you go...
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    Best duck boat

    30hp Evinrude E-Tec. Had that boat loaded with 2 guys, big dog, blind, 90 decoys, and misc gear. Could put it on plain pretty well still.
  6. Jello

    Best duck boat

    I hunted with a Lund SSV-16. Small enough to get through the unit marsh but handled chop well. Selling it in March if anyone interested. Bought a new fishing boat, giving up waterfowling.
  7. Jello

    Changing Braid?

    Nust spool it from one reel to another. The braid on the last have of the spool has no mot been toughed hardly
  8. Jello

    VHF Radio D Class

    I don't know much about radios. Radio world typically sells good products. And they seem to know their stuff so a phone call to them with what you're looking for would probably put you on to what you need. This one seems to rival what the OP was looking at.
  9. Jello

    VHF Radio D Class

    Radio World has a few on sale right now.
  10. Jello

    Best lines for different applications..

    If I remember correctly, braid for dipsies and in line boards. On the inline boards, you can loop the line around the clip so it doesn't slide or pop off. I think 50lb or higher braid is the standard. Use a good joining knot and tie a nice long florocarbon leader to your braid for your boards...
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    Fishing Knots

    I've been using Alberto's knot to tie floro leaders to braid. Fairly easy to tie and very strong.
  12. Jello

    Trolling motor batteries?

    They make 24V batteries and I did see some info that you can use one 24V instead of 2 x 12V. Too pricey for me still but I think for the long run and reliability, they'd be a solid investment for a serious fisherman thay can swing the initial cost. I'm sure in the future, when combustion...
  13. Jello

    Trolling motor batteries?

    Just looked on Costco. Their Kirkland brand Group 27 is 120Ah at a great price. Never thought to look there. Thanks.
  14. Jello

    68ers quiz!

    Zander 😁
  15. Jello

    Ice Auger Brand?

    It looks like the Rapala Fin-bore (used to be made by Normark) would fit that.
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