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    Rotten Ronnies Fishing Derby

    Yes sir!hats off to Rotten Ronnies for hosting the Perch derby,the fish weren't there but still had a great day with great freinds.Looking forward to next years derby, con-grats to all the winners.
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    Lost Bag at Old Cut

    Crafty, I thought the best place for that bag was at rotten ronnies lost and found.Well it sounds like it has all worked out and you found it. Glad I could help Bow_man
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    Old cut Monday Jan-31

    Shurthing Fish Bones,was out near EC10 just south of all the huts.Jigging with a silver spoon worked to bring them in,in about 6 fow
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    Old cut Monday Jan-31

    Two of use went out at 9:00 fished till 5:00 60 nice ones in the pail.A big thanks to Jimmy Riggin for the great info.
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    Old cut sunday Jan/30

    Two of use went out at7:30 in at2:00,six fish in pail not very good today.
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    PICTURE UPDATE Old Cut Wednesday January 26,2011

    Great pics! red hering ceepem comin.
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    Old cut wednesday

    Thanks for info jeffk,all and all sounds like it was a good day.
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    Old cut monday

    Two of use went strait out of the cut,1.5 mile the bite was on from 9:00 to 11:00 50 fish in the pail with half of those being jumbo's.The water was moving west into the bay when the bite was on,when it went out of the bay,east the fish were gone.
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    Fish Cleaning in the St. WIlly'z area??

    Easton there is fish cleaners at the south,east corner of highway#45 and#59 just south of langton about 3 mile
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    cold night

    From what I understand there are some guys lost off st.willies tonight, I shur hope they all get home safe.
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    old cut parking

    yep that's right,parking is ok at old cut and minnow's at rotten ronnies
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    Ice Cond.

    good ice at old cut 6"to 8" fishing is in the tank though caught4 dinks all day
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    old cut owns on the other side of wire its private property
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    out at old cut

    Went out at 9:30 and in at 1:30 and caught 3,slow slow day.
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    ice off oldcut

    did my licence 4 days ago on the computer red hering computer lets you print out a temp licence