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WTT: My 12ga. for your 10ga.

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Jello, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. Jello

    Jello Well-Known Member

    Looking for someone out there who has a Browning Gold 10 safe queen and would like to swap for my 3.5" 12 ga. Silver.

    The gun is a:

    Browning Silver Stalker MONBU camo
    3.5" Chamber, 26" bbl.
    3 Chokes, key, cable lock
    Tru-glow front sight
    Matching sling included.

    I am the original owner and have used it for 2 waterfowl seasons. Never abused, always kept clean. Gun has cycled flawlessly even in sub zero weather. Gun has minor chips in the camo as shown in pics. Other than that there is the odd wear mark. All in all the Duratouch has held up very good.

    Looking for a Browning Gold (or Gold light) 10 gauge. Would prefer camo or black but if you have a wood version, we can still talk. :)

    Contact: [email protected] if interested.



    A few scars from the layout blind doors.

    Wear from the sling


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