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Articles for sale

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Fast-talkr, Nov 28, 2010.

  1. Fast-talkr

    Fast-talkr New Member

    1995 polaris 250 trail boss 2 stroke oil injected 2 wheel drive,belt drive 4 wheeler....$ 1100 OBO
    1985 14`Lund acadian with trailer......boat and trailer are in excellent shape.
    $ 1200 OBO
    Mid 90`s mercury 25 horse outboard completely gone over including new seals and gasket`s,new rings and water pump $ 1100 OBO
    2009 Evinrude E-tec 25 horse $2700 OBO
    30 carrylite 32" goose shells rigged with foam and long line clips,includes lines and weights
    $450 or OBO
    3 dozen G&H magnum Mallards rigged with weights......$150 for all.
    Also have 20 widgeon and 20 gadwall`s for sale $5 each rigged
    I have more stuff but will post more as I remember what I have .
    I am downsizing and need to move this stuff.
  2. jackson

    jackson Member

    whats the best you can do on the mid 90s merc 25
  3. Kevin Smith

    Kevin Smith Well-Known Member

    where abouts u from so I could come look at the 14ft boat?
  4. mex

    mex Member

    quad what is the bottom line
  5. mex

    mex Member

  6. mex

    mex Member

    can I look at it please and thanks
  7. triggerfish

    triggerfish Well-Known Member

    this posting is from 2010 in case you did not notice :)

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